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Designs by PappaChino

PappaChino is the nickname/alter ego bestowed on me by my children. They say it’s because I’m a big kid who eats Doritos and drinks cappuccinos.

“I do not drink cappuccinos”.

“I do eat Doritos though.”

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree and I have 3 growing reminders, of my own idiosyncrasies and eccentricities. It’s a fun time when we’re all together.

Within that positive and playful framework we have come up with a line of T-shirts and Hoodies, with pictures, graphics and quotable prints, that we think are awesome! We know you will love them too.

Designs by PappaChino are graphic prints that have been inspired by or representative of the ideas presented on

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PappaChino Says is a collection of T-shirts and hoodies, with fun, motivational, sarcastic, uplifting, sayings or quote prints.

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ad for hoodies by pappa chino

Visit our stores today. Just click the pictures above to help us support and grow our blog with our original, vibrant, bright, fun, and trendy designs printed on high quality products.

We love to get feed back on our designs and your ordering experience. We want to provide you with the very best products we can. So please leave a review and let us know how we did.

Do you like the articles on Do you know someone who would? Follow us to get the latest updates by email. Share with your friends. Likes and Comments are always deeply appreciated. Parooze the PappaChino links below, if you’re on mobile and at the side of the page on desktop. Help us grow! Thank you very much for visiting.

6 thoughts on “Designs by PappaChino”

      1. Ok, so I went through the ordering process and I do see south africa as an option. Here are some possibities as to why you are not seeing that option. Below the picture on the ordering page there is a shipping info section with a drop down menu. United states is the default setting. Change that to international, then select the colour and size. Then add to cart. When checking out you will be able to fill out your info and select South Africa. I beleive this will work. Please let me know. I want these to be as widely available as possible.


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